Bulb Eater®

The machine had some work out when we first got the machine here. Both the maintenance and some of the workers on the floor got a kick out of how easy it was to run and I think they went through the whole plant to find burned out bulbs. It works great and has been a big hit here at Drives.

Nick McQuistion
EAP Manager
Drives Inc.

The bulbs are brought to a specific location. I send one person over there for a couple of hours a week to crush the tubes. It's very quick and efficient, and I don't have to waste so much time trying to load a truck. The cost of shipping a truckload of boxes is a whole lot more than shipping a drum of crushed tubes. That was another cost-effective factor the we were looking at when we bought this machine.

Sheela Backen
Integrated Solid Waste Program Manager
Colorade State University

The Bulb Eater® has greatly reduced the administrative costs associated with preparing intact used fluorescent light bulbs for shipment. In addition, we not only save money in disposal costs but also have increased valuable storage space. As a result, The Bulb Eater® has made many of our employees' jobs much easier.

Lindsey Schueller
McDermott Technology Inc

Based on our labor studies, we save over 23 hours of labor per 1400 lamps using the Bulb Eater® system.

Debbie Row
Dukane Corporation.

The Bulb Eater® has been tremendous. It has cut my expenses by $15,000 a year and now I'm spending virtually nothing for recycling.

Paul Lewis
UnumProvident Insurance

We have reduced our storage and handling needs tremendously through the use of the Bulb Eater® system.

Mike Beers
Midwest U.S. Airbase

The Bulb Eater® saved us a tremendous amount of storage space. We used to box our bulbs, place them on pallets, and shrink wrap them so it has saved us in labor as well.

Vince Veltre
Vassar Brothers Hospital

The Bulb Eater® has greatly reduced the need for storage space. There aren't any broken lamps in the warehouse anymore, and everyone knows how to use the machine. I don't need to compare cost and time to convenience because it has reduced both considerably.

Bill Ackley
Trinity Medical Center

I love it! The guys I work with love it! It has cut down on a significant amount of storage space, not to mention the money it saves. We like it so much, my guys are running around looking for spare tubes to crush. We've already reorganized the warehouse and it couldn't have been neater or cleaner since we've bought The Bulb Eater®

Brian Weeks
Lakeland Regional Medical Center

With our very limited storage space, The Bulb Eater® has helped us tremendously. We no longer have to store bulbs and it has saved us a great deal of time, effort and money.

Pat Rhodes
Virginia Western Community College

We have been using The Bulb Eater® for about 6 months now and have found it to be a real plus in the safety aspect of our programs. We no longer have unbroken used tubes around waiting to be kicked over or broken by accident. Besides, the guys like using it. It really sucks the tubes down and eats them up.

Larry Freeman
Idaho State Hospital South

We had just re-lamped a portion of our facility and had well over a thousand spent lamps to box and send out for recycling. Then we purchased the Bulb Eater®. The Bulb Eater® made the storage of our lamps easy and freed up valuable man hours for more pressing projects.

Skip King
Southern Oregon University

The Bulb Eater® is a handy unit to have around. I have a crew that goes to the schools and crushes the lamps right there on-site. That way we're not transporting bulbs which reduces the hazard factor that's associated with mercury.

Robert McCarter
Lake County Public Schools

We've had real success with The Bulb Eater®. It has sped up our process and cleaned up our storage area.

Darrell Johnson
University of Northern Colorado

The Bulb Eater® has allowed us to be competitive with our bidding on lighting jobs. We had been doing it the old fashioned way of boxing the lamps and shipping them out intact. It took too much time and in turn was costly. Now, we flip a switch run the lamps through and wait for the trucks to pick up our containers and do the rest.

Anthony Santarelli
Environmental Options

The Bulb Eater® has cut our lamp recycling cost by at least half! It paid for itself after 2 pick-ups!

Todd Coyne
Aces Environmental

Fantastic Idea! It saves money on recycling & storage. My crew actually volunteered to assemble it! I never have to remind them to dispose of bulbs!

Bill Anderson
Sierra Winds Lifecare

The Bulb Eater® has made it more convenient for us to crush the bulbs into a drum rather than polluting the environment by throwing them illegally in the dumpster.

Tom Brandeis
Wheaton Franciscan Sisters Hospital

The Bulb Eater®is an incredible space-saving device.

Donald Dopkant
JLG Industries, Inc.

It (the Bulb Eater®) is great!!!!!! All is working very well and we have cleaned up a pile of spent lamps. We have trained all of our maintenance techs. on the operation.

Tim Milligan
Nassau County Florida

The Bulb Eater® has greatly reduced the need for storage space. There aren't any broken lamps in the warehouse anymore, and everyone knows how to use the machine. I don't need to compare cost and time to convenience because it has reduced both considerably.

Bill Ackley, Facility Services Team Leader
Trinity Medical Center

Before I used to spend $1200/year on storage, labor and recycling. Now I spend less than $300 a year on recycling with the Bulb Eater® and after 12 months, the machine pays for itself. I recommend this machine to everyone, I'm all for recycling, I have grandchildren.

Ed Reineke, Building Engineer

The Bulb Eater® has well paid for itself. It really does a good job.

Andy Smith, Maintenance Supervisor
University of North Carolina Hospitals

The Bulb Eater® is a real space saver. It has kept us compliant with Pennsylvania's recycling laws. Overall, it has saved us money in the fact that we used to box and ship our bulbs and now we pay virtually nothing in comparison.

Todd Breindel
Environmental Manufacturing Engineer
SGL Carbon

This Bulb Eater® works better than you described. All of our storage problems were solved after our initial crushing session.

Harding Academy of Memphis
Stan Hendrix

Our building is a lot cleaner and more organized since we've gotten the Bulb Eater®! I wish we had gotten this years ago!

NORIT Americas
Douglas Reagan

Easy to use, to push around.

Knaack Manufacturing
Evan Skytte

Works better than you said it would, reduced our storage requirements, what a mess we had! A lot less lamp handling, no more boxes! Those that work directly with it are now happy workers.

City of Toledo
Gary Stoll

Works wonderfully! Made my life a little easier.

Virginia Western
Community College Pat Rhodes

I've never seen the fluorescent lamp storage area cleaner. My engineers actually laugh in amazement as the Bulb Eater® sucks in the lamps.

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center
Garnet Shipley

Most Engineers are not very bashful about bringing problems to my attention. They haven't complained about fluorescent lamp storage since the Bulb Eater® has arrived to our campus.

University of Southeast Alaska
Ken Lea

We love our Bulb Eater®

Antioch Community High School
Jim Dennis


This EasyPak recycling program is simple and very easy for anybody to understand (the procedure and the packaging instructions). It’s been working out very well for our facility.

Bob Ensele
Fairchild Medical Center

…well, it’s really simple – we get them, fill them up and ship them to recycle….

John Evans
La-Z-Boy West

This EasyPak program is outstanding – really easy to use. We just pack our waste and ship it out; it’s as simple as that!

Eric Anderson
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

The EasyPak recycling program is very convenient - and that is the number one thing we like about it. We save on labor – no need to drive somewhere to drop off the waste. We just fill up the containers and can ship them to recycle whenever.

Mark Funhouser
The Chumash Casino Resort

The EasyPak recycling program is really working out well for us - we have a new building, so we do not generate that much waste. We placed the recycling containers in different places around the building – it’s convenient.

Dan Griffin
Northrop Grumman

No more challenges with fluorescent bulb recycling. We use the EasyPak recycling program and it is very simple and convenient for us.

Jim Slager
Homer School District 33-C

The EasyPak recycling containers for ballasts, batteries and fluorescent bulbs are working out just fine for us. We package our universal waste, ship it and wait for recycling certificates.

Larry Bemisderfer
Toccoa Falls College

Using the online ordering form couldn't have been easier and worked great! The faster we're able to deal with our lamps the better, so we can concentrate on our business. The new online capability allows us to do just that.

David Lansford
Classic Tan - General Manager

I don't know of another outfit in need of recycling options, but if the subject comes up, I'll happily recommend your gang. You were a timely answer to our needs; in fact, we got on board with you right before corporate mandated a HazMat solution, which made us look alright.

Kalo Alexandra
CBS Television

Thank you for protecting the environment from harmful chemicals such as mercury that damage the earth and are toxic to its' inhabitants. I find recycling to be extremely commendable as well as being a basic form of environmental consciousness. It is wonderful to know that you have helped businesses and homeowners recycle dangerous items such as lamps, light bulbs, ballast, and batteries that would typically be thrown away and would harm the earth. By finding a safer more ecologically friendly way of either reusing or safely disposing of them, you have done your part in protecting the earth for future generations. You have put our minds at ease when we use these items necessary to live comfortably.

Aimee Archer
Chino Hills, CA

We are an engineering firm and we are required to maintain our office facility. We are always pushing clients toward LEED certification for new and existing design. These types of products are not only environmentally friendly, they enable us to show our clients we are always striving to do what is right.

STV Engineering
Douglassville, PA

The boxes are easy to use. That's important to us.

Salt Lake City, UT

We've been recycling fluorescent tubes for a number of years. This system helps our mission to stay green very easy. Several departments know the location of the recycling box outside my office and donate their spent tubes to it. Even our electrical contractors have participated. I appreciate having the recycling statistics also, as we are so committed to sustainable and green practices.

Mean & Green
Chicago, IL

An easy way to recycle responsibly. Delivery prompt and instructions clear.

Windsor, VT

Grateful to have a place to recycle that is easy to do - don't have to drive across town. Just pop them in the mail.

Houston, TX

Easy way to recycle and best prices that I have found.

Johns Creek, GA

Just fill it up and send it off. No more worries about what you should do with all those fluorescent lamps!

Longmont, CO

The website was very easy to use. I was interested in an easy way to recycle batteries and light bulbs. The website provided an easy way to collect and ship bulbs and batteries to be disposed of properly.

Harley Vasper
Hospira, Inc.