Bulb Eater®

A new system of processing and disposing of mercury-containing light bulbs means a safer and greener environment for the city of Vernon.

City of Vernon, B.C. Uses Bulb Eater

The bulb eater works exactly as its name implies — it crushes glass fluorescent light tubes and sucks up the chemicals inside.

Bulb Eater in Use at University of Saskatchewan

In honor of Earth Day, the University of Arkansas Little Rock's Physical Plant shows students what they're doing to go green by putting to work the Bulb Eater lamp crushing machine.

University of Arkansas Saves $20K/Year With the Bulb Eater

Belleville General Hospital in Belleville, Ontario is currently undergoing a 175,000 sq. ft. expansion. The new space means that the hospital will need even more fluorescent lamps to provide lighting, and ultimately will need to find a way to safely and efficiently dispose of an average of 500 mercury-containing bulbs per month. Ken Paradise, manager of facility services at the hospital found the perfect solution: The Bulb Eater.

Video Profile of Belleville Hospital’s Use of the Bulb Eater

The Premium Bulb Eater® can crush spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100-percent recyclable material while capturing more than 99.99 percent of the mercury vapors released.

The Bulb Eater listed in Buildings.com’s Top 100 Products

LAS VEGAS — An innovative recycling program has made one of this city’s most popular meeting places a green oasis by shipping out the toxic remains of spent light bulbs.

The Las Vegas Convention Center Crushes Lamps, Avoids EPA Fees with the Bulb Eater

It is easy to comply with environmental regulations when fluorescent bulb recycling efforts are automatically updated and quantified. As a result, you are years ahead of most competitors, and prospective clients can swiftly compare an actual "Green" track record with the somewhat vague promises of other property management companies.

Real Estate Firm CB Richard Ellis Chooses Air Cycle Products and Services for Facilities

Environmental threat and EPA regulations require fluorescent lamp recycling. New methodology greatly simplifies the process and reduces expense.

IFMA Profiles Colorado Facility’s Cost Savings With the Bulb Eater


The social mandate to Go Green may seem like one more headache for office managers responsible for creating and policing recycling programs for hazardous and other waste.

EasyPak Saves Chumash Casino Resort Time and Money

Recycling companies like are making it easier for businesses to address hazardous waste recycling at their operations. Air Cycle Corp., for instance, has upgraded its online resource, LampRecycling.com to provide businesses with an easier system for recycling their fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, batteries, ballasts, and electronic waste, and tracking their recycling efforts.

EasyPak Featured on EnvironmentalLeader.com

Looks like tea isn’t the only thing that’s green. As part of its commitment to recycle its fluorescent bulbs, national tea retailer Teavana has chosen to partner with Air Cycle Corp. By utilizing Air Cycle’s EasyPak prepaid recycling containers, each of Teavana’s stores now has an easy way to properly dispose of its fluorescents, insuring that no harm comes to the environment from mercury leakage into landfills.

Teavana Chooses Air Cycle’s EasyPak for 100 Stores

(Broadview, IL) June 6, 2008 - Air Cycle Corporation, a firm that has pioneered unique pre-paid services, such as the EasyPak ™ Recycling Program and the Bulb Eater® for large firms that prefer crushing and recycling fluorescent lamps on site, announced that it has been chosen by more than 500 Marriott–branded hotels to provide an environmentally safe process for disposing of fluorescent lamps.

Over 500 Marriott Hotels Use EasyPak Recycling Containers

Pineapple partners with Air Cycle to provide a comprehensive and simple recycling solution for energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and other electronic waste.

Hotel News Resource Profiles EasyPak Recycling Containers