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Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc.

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EPA ID# TNR-000-003-137


Liability Insurance Coverage up to $5,000,000

Since 1996 SRT has operated a facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, for the commercial recycling of mercury-containing lamps (fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, etc.) and other hazardous post-consumer products. SRT now operates four facilities in Tennessee, one in Kennesaw, GA, and Burlington, NC, which are integrally engaged in such recycling operations.

SRT accepts and manages only materials for which legitimate recycling technologies and markets exist, and is helping in the development of these technologies and markets. SRT maintains records of each shipment of recyclable materials that are received, processed, and sent off-site, and can readily "track" a customer's recyclables via a unique Bill of Lading number.

SRT is committed to protecting its customers from the liabilities of potentially improper management of the recyclable materials it handles, and its employees from the physical and chemical hazards that may be associated with such materials. It is SRT's goal to maintain an excellent working relationship with the Tennessee Division of Solid Waste Management and other environmental regulatory agencies with jurisdiction - their guidance is welcome and their assistance is frequently sought. As an added protection to its customers from accidents and errors that might be made, SRT maintains up to $5,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. To protect its employees and its neighbors, SRT has developed and implements a Health and Safety Plan and a Contingency Plan.

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