City of Vernon Lights the Way With the Bulb Eater

A new system of processing and disposing of mercury-containing light bulbs means a safer and greener environment for the city of Vernon.

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs have been collected by the Vernon landfill to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. The bulbs contain mercury, which if not disposed of properly, is harmful to the environment.

The province of B.C. has recently decided that mercury-containing products, such as the fluorescent tubes and bulbs, cannot just be thrown into the landfill with other waste.

That is why the Vernon landfill has purchased the “Bulb Eater” – a machine that processes and disposes of the glass in the fluorescent bulb while at the same time vacuuming out the mercury vapor into a filter.

“It’s a good way of making sure things will get disposed of properly,” said Dale Danallanko, recycling and disposal facilities coordinator for the regional district of the North Okanagan.

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